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Bitcoin Prospects Amid Middle East Conflict By AMarkets Company - 17 hours ago

7x彩票网平台2020 began on a positive note for the cryptocurrency market. Most representatives of the crypto industry significantly improved their positions. The positive dynamic was registered not only in...

Bitcoin Retreats As Geopolitical Tensions Cool By Scandinavian Capital Markets - 17 hours ago

7x彩票网平台The emerging role of Bitcoin as a financial safe haven came into the spotlight over the past week, as tensions spiraled between the US and Iran. On Friday, January 3rd, Bitcoin rallied sharply along...

Why Bitcoin Price May Succumb To Weakness Again This Year By Tim Knight - Jan 08, 2020 1

7x彩票网平台If you look at the period of about November 2017 to August 2018 and compare it to Bitcoin's price movement in more recent history, they are extremely similar. My conclusion from this is that...

Is Bitcoin’s 6-Month Downtrend Coming To An End? By Matthew Weller - Jan 07, 2020

While it pales in comparison to previous bear markets (prominently including 2018’s 85% drop from nearly $20,000 to a low of $3,200), there’s no denying that sellers have been in control...

Bitcoin Bulls Target 7,700 By Petros Steriotis - Dec 29, 2019 1

7,700 is the level for Bitcoin bulls to reach. Original Post

Another Bitcoin Bubble Just Ahead? By Harry Dent - Dec 27, 2019 2

7x彩票网平台I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are busy gearing up for whatever you plan to do to ring in the New Year. 2020 is going to be an extremely consequential year, as I’ve been forecasting...

Bitcoin: Finding Support On The Daily By Petros Steriotis - Dec 27, 2019

3/8 Fibonacci is supporting the coin on the daily/strong: Original Post

Death Cross Hangs Over Bitcoin By Alexander Kuptsikevich - Dec 26, 2019

Bitcoin's sideways price trend has been going on for over a month. With highs around $7800 and lows bear $6600, most of the time the Bitcoin price was close to $7200. Technical analysts believe...

Cryptocurrency Won’t Fly To The Moon By Alexander Kuptsikevich - Dec 24, 2019

7x彩票网平台By Tuesday morning, Bitcoin partially offset yesterday’s growth by 3% to $7,400. It needs to exceed $8K and stay afloat for some time for the benchmark coin to prove it ends the downtrend....

Altcoins To Look Out For In 2020 By Konstantin Kaiser - Dec 20, 2019

Bitcoin’s dominance is at the highest level for the past 2,5 years. With 67% market dominance, Bitcoin plays a superior role and is more than twice as dominant as during Bitcoin’s ATH in...

Bitcoin Sinks Below $7K But Buyers Still Missing By Jani Ziedins - Dec 18, 2019

I contemplated writing about Bitcoin last week and given this latest dive, I really should have done it sooner. But hey, better late than never. Bitcoin was hovering just above $7k...

Crypto Market Losing Hope By Alexander Kuptsikevich - Dec 17, 2019

7x彩票网平台Bitcoin declined under the round $7K, losing more than 2% over the last 24 hours on increased trading volumes. Thus, the crypto market is going down again according to the scenario "what does not grow...

Building Positions, Arriving At Target Loaded By Korbinian Koller - Dec 17, 2019

December markets are tricky. With the closing of the year come rollovers in futures markets, tax considerations, hedge fund portfolio allocations due to accountability and much more. Markets are a...

Bitcoin Dec. 13 Preview By Petros Steriotis - Dec 12, 2019

Bitcoin on last support of this year’s fibonacci.

Death Cross Forming In Bitcoin By Scandinavian Capital Markets - Dec 11, 2019 1

7x彩票网平台 A bearish ‘death cross’ is forming on the Bitcoin daily chart. The pattern is defined by the 50-period moving average crossing below the 200-period moving average. Bitcoin has been in a...

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